Gostei desta --->


Since you've been missing in my heart
I've been searching for another piece
Since you decided to live your life
in a distance that's so comfortably unreal

I tried to give myself away
I tried so hard to be another
I tried for long to make you stay
I don't know why I even bothered...

And I would have died for you

How could I say I didn't need you?
I was just protecting myself
How could I think you didn't lead me?
I was following your path in blindness

I saw myself walk by your side
I saw a girl I never knew
Now I'm so tired of this game
This game is always won by you

And I would have died for you

Obrigado wynna =)

2 jogadas:

hothotheart disse...

da que pensar

bumblebee disse...

acho que todos nos identificamos um bocadinho aqui...

sinal sonoro

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